Immediate VAT Refund

Newly in our financial division we are offering instand VAT refunding for hauliers starting from 1.1.2015. We´r covering the whole of EU, Norway and Sweden, without waiting!! We are also able to partly refund the consumption tax on diesel coming from Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Spain. The clients are iligible, in case of Belgium and France, to claim the refunds additionally dating up to 3 years back. All at unbeatable prices and conditions


Training Course for Police

Members of our security personnel led the training and functional exercise for several police departments with the aim on VIP protection.
This event took place on the beginning of the year 2014

Another two-days course had taken place this year and which had been focused on bodyguarding and transporting VIP personnel in armed conflict areas.
The course was tailored for the employes of the oversea agency which is actively operating in Afghanistan and Iraq.


New General Contract

New general contract has been signed between Czech VIP Services s.r.o. and factoring company with the turnover of 270 billions in czech crowns.
The signing took place in May of this year.