Protection Services

If you plan to travel to any countries where ongoing armed conflicts are taking place (weather it’s civil war, drug cartels, gang infested areas or just for personal travel) our team is able to offer you the same level of protection which would normally be available to the politicians by the government military and police forces.

All the security personnel in this protection service is composed of ex-members of the police special operation division and ex-members from the different military groups worldwide.


Full Protection Service

This package consists of armed protection of the client and his or her family including personal belongings for determination by the client, motor vehicle transportation by armoured but luxurious limousines, Aerial transportation, checking the client’s premises on regular basis for eavesdrops (formally known as bugs) and other electronics, 24-hour medical response and we are also able to provide client with accommodation on secured places.

Female bodyguard Service

This service is specially designed for the clients from Arab Emirates and offers armed protection of Arab women done exclusively by our highly trained female bodyguards.


In case of sudden breach of safety in the country of client’s stint, our team is able to get to the extraction point in up to 72 hours anywhere on the planet and be in less than 12 hours anywhere in EU countries.

Between the first report of the breach and our arrival there would be already our contracting party for that specific area equipped with all the necessary intel and equipment.


Call centre

This is our newly equipped operation call centre and is in constant cooperation with our tactical team in VIP division for the whole duration of any contract.

The call centre is design to monitor sudden changes in traffic and also serves as a secondary assessment of various risks and intel sources.



We are offering consultation for the improvement of the VIP services for the government and also for the private subjects including private paramilitary entities.