CQB (Close Quarters Battle)

are sets of tactics used by special police units for fighting in confined spaces

  • Buildings
  • •means of transport
  • •dense inhabited areas


SUT (Small Unit Tactics)

are sets of tactics used by special ops for operating behind enemy lines

  • navigation
  • •camouflage
  • •tactical approach in the terrain
  • •how to avoid or set up ambush
  • •fast contra-reactions on attack


VIP sercurity officer course

VIP security officer course is a close protection service which will teach you the essential skills like protection and self defence, medical skills, surveillance awareness and advanced tactical driving.


Course for shooting short and long barrelled firearms

You will learn these essential skills from the professionals who gained and tested their skills in real military combats. Note: You don’t need to own firearm licence and gun to participate in this course. All the training is carried out from our weapons under the supervision of the instructor.


Self defence and firearm training for women

  • Tailored especially for women
  • •Psychology of fast reaction, learn how to eliminate the fear from firearms and how to use them effectively
  • •Learn how to use the moment of surprise and how to use your own body as an effective weapon       
  • We are offering the option of the use of helicopter Bell in selected courses