Factoring helps you to leverage the cash tied-up in invoices by using our funding and collection services.We take on your credit control and sales ledger management, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Our financing is divided into several products and fitted for small and mid-sized companies. In the aim of our services we are mainly transporting, logistics, engineering, food and businesses which don’t partner with any banks.

How does it work?

  • •Fill in the application form on our website
  • •You will be contacted by one of our factoring specialist which will suggest the best solution tailored exactly to you.
  • •Simply send the invoice to your customer about ongoing claim.
  • •Send the invoice to the factoring company with proof of debt
  • •You will receive from 70% up to 90% of your outstanding invoice values including VAT within 24 hours
  • •The customer will pay the overdue invoice directly to the factoring company
  • •The remaining percentage, minus our fee is returned to you upon customer payment
  • •The price for this service varies usually between 0.5-2% of the invoice value


What are the requirements?

  • •Selling the goods or businesses to the other enterprises.
  • •Retain the invoices due for payment in value of min 500K CK.
  • •Have the maturity of the invoice between 30 – 120 days
  • •Do not have any outstanding debts in any of the financial institutions


In individual cases we can grant financing even if the debt is in FU, CSSZ and Zdravotni pojistovna occurs


1) Export financing

  • Financing the projects outside CR. with the same ease as domestic ones
  • •Representation in 46 branches on 4 continents
  • •We monitoring the verification of solvency of the customer for our client
  • •Minimisation of the risks of our clients so they don’t need to be concerned about insolvency of customer, his or her solvency is secured
  • •Knowledge of local legislation: detailed acquainting of determined country and advanced warnings of potential risks or opportunities
  • •Effective payments in currency of your selection in financing of your debt

 2) Operational Financing

  • Allowance of withdrawing the assets before your customer pays off
  • •The possibilities of withdrawing money immediately, you can accelerate your cash flow and increase your yearly sales
  • •The new eKlient service helps you to keep all your payments under the control 24/7
  • •This service also provides you with the significant advantage with the possibility of offering longer maturity to your customer
  • •Monitoring of solvency of your customer with notification of potential risks
  • •An effective management of financial claims you can encourage your customers for better payment discipline
  • •To gain a better business flow allow us to take all the risks of your customer insolvency


3) Express financing

For small businesses with a year turnover above 5m we are offering fast cashing up to   750K without deep screening.

How does this work?

  • Fill out the application form and attach your issued invoices
  • •Contract to be signed is generally ready within 2 days
  • •Our clients will receive payment within 24 hours directly to their bank account
  • •The finance is fixation free and our client can use them wherever it is needed
  • •Our clients do not need to provide any proof of the loss and profit statement nor the account history


What are the requirements?

  • Selling the goods or businesses to the other enterprises
  • •Having the maturity of the invoice between 30 – 120 days
  • •The actual invoices should not have any overdue debts
  • •The cost of the service is 1.5 % of the invoice value plus active referential interest


4) Operational financing for motor-vehicle transportation

Our financial partner is a specialist for this particular service

  • Your invoices will be exchanged for immediate cash for fuel, tolls, leasing or maintenance
  • •Easy payouts of invoices without a long administration timeframe transaction, it is a matter of a few hours for hauliers
  • •The cost is 0.5% – 1.5% of invoice value depending on services
  • The method of financing is similar to the previous financial packages.

Branches: EU, USA, Asia, Pacific


Management and debiting of debts

We are specialising for buying and management of overdue invoices. We are able to maintain not only single overdue debts for various financial institutions and businessmen etc. as well as whole portfolios of debts for banks .In case that you have, for whatever reason it may be, some overdue financial claims we can take care of collecting the bills in maximum amount and in the shortest time possible.

All the collecting done by us is carried out in direct contact with the customer by ethic codex and is in accordance with the law of Czech Republic.

We find sending text messages, calling and writing demands for collecting payments is a method that is not very effective therefore such methods are often implemented by some of the other collecting parties but in reality it gives the defaulters the opportunity and time to move their assets for lowering the costs.

Our officers are very experienced in this field and that’s why they are highly effective.

New in our selection – we are offering the purchase of confiscated real estates in the whole packages sold by banks and other financial institutions without limitation of the minimum or maximum nominal value, we are also offering escorting services for collecting agencies.