Motor Vehicle Transportation

For all of our clients we have our car fleet ready and including new BMW 7 Long vehicles and we are also offering the transportation with the Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Mulsane. For the larger groups we are using Mercedes Viano, these are mainly used for low-key VIP services. For those in need of the higher safety level we also have the use of armoured SUV vehicles. We are able to meet the requirements of the need of convoy as well. Every driver speaks English and is an active member of Czech VIP protection group.


Aerial Transportation

We make use of personal and cargo transportation in our company. For the personal transport we are using several types of aircrafts depending on the requirements. The selection of the planes varies from the really light weight up to the ones with long range coverage (Super light jet, Light JetMid-Supermidsize jet and Heavy-Ultra long range jet) Our client can also choose from two types of helicopters, namely Bell 206 and Bell B3 Jet Ranger. The Bell B3 Jet Ranger is used in personal transportation between EU countries as for the use of monitoring, tactical training and assessment, surveillance and investigation.

For the needs of cargo transport we are arranging for the Boeing 747-400F Cargo which is capable of delivering the goods up to the weight of 113 tonnes in very short time.

There are many benefits of using private aircraft and those including reliability that relieves the client from queuing and tension, while delivering the client privately, safely and in comfort. Also private jets can land in the places which would be absolutely out of reach and capability of standard charter ships.Our clients can also access VIP lounges in every international airport.